About Us

Who We Are

Mission: Grow in Faith. Grow in Community. Share God’s Love

Vision: A growing community of generous faith filled disciples, that gather around worship, community, and guide people to Jesus.


Community: Joined together through the Body of Christ, we strive to uplift, honor, care, and serve one another as we live in community.

Worship: We gather in worship; rooted in the love of the Gospel and sacraments. In worship, we experience God in various ways, through Scripture, music, singing, and prayer.

Generosity: We share and give of ourselves from the abundance that God has given to us.

Discipleship: Faith growth is a lifelong journey; we take intentional steps to grow in faith trusting that Holy Spirit is at work within us.

Relationships: God came into the world to make us right with God. We are called to reach out to those around us and invite them to hear this life-changing Good News.

Fjeldberg is a Lutheran church that is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we believe that:

  • Jesus and the Bible reveal God’s word in our lives. God’s word is living and active among us.
  • The Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Nicene and Apostles Creeds are central to our teachings.
  • Baptism and Communion are essential “means of grace,” they are ways God shows us how much we are loved through physical objects.
  • Martin Luther, who lived in Germany in the 15th century, was a religious teacher who helped our forefathers better understand scripture and began this group committed to always being made new in God’s world.

Meet Our Team

Tim Jacobsen


Heather Bristow

Choir Director

Jan Nyhus

Parish Secretary | Bell Choir Director

Justin Pedersen

Communications Coordinator (Web & Social Media)

John Wilson

Facilities and Communications Coordinator

Paul Van Ryswyk

Church Musician

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